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Thanks, Fix Long Beach, for helping rescue dogs and cats

Diana Kliche of Fix Long Beach brought some four-legged friends along when she spoke at the Rossmoor Woman’s Club’s luncheon meeting on Valentine’s Day. The non-profit animal rescue and welfare organization shows the love to dogs and cats by offering low-cost spay/neuter services to reduce the number of animals who may end up abandoned or abused. They also offer other veterinary services such as vaccinations, bloodwork and dental exams at their clinic in Long Beach.

Accompanying Kliche were dogs and human representatives from Sparky and the Gang, a dog rescue and adoption non-profit.

The RWC thanked Kliche with a contribution of $600 in cash, around 50 dog sweaters and jackets handmade by members to keep pooches warm during brisk weather, and some donated blankets, rugs and towels.

For more information, go online to and to

In the photo, RWC member Laura Engerman gets to know rescue pup Nacho,

held by Juliet Tomac of Sparky and the Gang.


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